A year ago, during a CoffeeTalk with Emanuel Probst, head of service Roland Eggenschwiler let slip some rather cryptic news: ‘… We are already working on new ideas that will take our services up to the next level. And, within a year or so, customers will be able to experience them here…’ Roland has been true to his word. After an intensive planning stage and three months’ conversion work, service reception is barely recognizable. Unconventional thinking, perfected procedures and innovative services are ushering in a new era.

Visitors encounter the first, groundbreaking innovation as soon as they arrive at the car park. An eye-catching pillar displays an image of a traditional reception bell coupled with the words ‘Concierge Service,’ and invites customers to use the new service. In line with the practice of leading hotels, JURA staff meet fully automated coffee machines and their owners in the car park and accompany them to reception. The concierge service offers additional guidance around the site. But primarily it lends practical expression to the willing service which is part of life at JURA.

The next innovation is right here at reception: employees lift the customer’s appliance off the handcart and on to a service trolley, which also comfortably accommodates all accessories. Following this structured transition from outside to inside, the machine enters the service process. It’s a signal to customers that their fully automated coffee machines are now in the capable hands of JURA’s service specialists.

Thought-out down to the tiniest detail

The new arrangement pays particular attention to troubleshooting. Clientele and service staff used to face each other across a work bench. It was a bit like opposing front lines. Now they can converse in a relaxed atmosphere. As they sit at a round table, sipping a freshly brewed speciality coffee, constructive dialogue flows freely. The coffee machine is ever-present – centre-stage, so to speak. Clinically clean working premises reflect the expertise of the service personnel, the structured nature of the process and the care with which JURA service sets to work. Everything is perfectly tidy; every tool has its designated place. The layout of the diagnostic booths creates an agreeable sense of privacy, in which valuable tips can be passed on. Because coffee is 98 percent water, there is naturally a special focus on the CLARIS filter cartridges. A demonstration model shows customers how CLARIS not only removes limescale from the water but also chemicals such as chlorine and heavy metals, which can affect smell and taste. This is worth knowing, as anyone who opts for JURA should always enjoy perfect coffee to suit his or her personal preferences. When the diagnostic process is completed, a binding quotation is issued, offering the customer a choice between three unique service types: the two-hour; the half-day or the full-day service.

A concentration of expertise in Niederbuchsiten

The coffee machine is then trolleyed into the Glass Service Centre, where highly qualified working groups carry out the prescribed tasks with the routine that comes from experience. Many customers insist on having their fully automated machines serviced only by the specialists in Niederbuchsiten because the specific know-how they have at their fingertips cannot be found anywhere else. The new service set-up underlines this unique aspect, which builds trust. In the past, serviced appliances went into temporary storage in grey boxes, partitioned off from the customer service area. Now a large, cheerfully coloured shelf has been purpose-built. As befits the value of such expert work, the fully automated machines await collection on the shelf, illuminated like precious gems in a jeweller’s shop.

Those taking ‘their JURAs’ home with them should have every reason to look forward to top coffee results. The hospitality of the future is playing a major role in strengthening confidence in the brand and fostering user pride. Every day, it demonstrates anew that excellent service is deep-rooted in JURA’s corporate DNA. Service here comes, not from a manual, but from the heart. 

All the new features at a glance:

Concierge service

Willing service institutionalized. Customers and their machines are collected from the car park and escorted to service reception.

Structured takeover of appliances for service 

At reception, the coffee machines are lifted off the hand cart and on to a trolley. The service procedure begins at once.

Clinically clean workstation

Everything has its precise place in the tidy workstation, reflecting the clarity of the processes and thinking.

Relaxed diagnostic conversation

The troubleshooting takes place sitting at a round table, over coffee. We take time and create a private atmosphere.

Protection for the machine and guaranteed enjoyment

Talking to customers enables us to pass on valuable information about CLARIS filters. CLARIS protects automatic coffee machine against limescale and delivers the pure water essential for a perfect cup of coffee.

Star in the spotlight

Following the service procedure, automatic machines are placed on an illuminated shelf. Because now, after a thorough servicing, they function like new again, and their owners are justifiably proud.

Images: Jonas Spengler, Kurt Pfister